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How much do your services cost?

It greatly depends on the kind of work, amount and complexity, specifically. Generally, our services are delivered at the following rate:

  • Price Quotes - FREE
  • Custom Programming - starting at $30/hour
  • Installation Assistance for any of our products - $100

Whether you need a quote for a certain piece of development or an estimate for an all-in-one project, submitting your request via contact form or a ticket is all it takes to find out pricing.

Is your extension compatible with my custom theme?
All our extensions are created with the best store platform practices in mind. They are of course oriented on default platform template and there's no way our products could be oriented on a variety of custom themes/modules available on a marketplace, which is why we can't guarantee any of our extensions would be compatible with custom themes/extensions developed by someone else.
If you're facing any compatibility issues after installing our extension, just ask for assistance! Purchasing "Installation" service will cover resolving conflicts between our extension and your custom theme and/or module.
I paid for extension but didn't get anything in the mail and I can't download it either.
The extensions you purchase on our website are being sent to an email you specified during the purchase. An email should contain the purchase information, extension archive, your license file and installation guide enclosed to it. Please note that sometimes email services can mark such emails as spam, therefore make sure you check your Spam folder after the purchase to see if it landed in there. If anything, feel free to contact us in Live Chat specifying your order number.
What's "Installation" option on the product purchase page for?
This option is for having us take care of installation and basic configuration on your store for you.
Oftentimes, custom themes and extensions tend to override default store templates and functionality other extensions like ours are using in their work which may result in different conflicts and incorrect performance. This is called "compatibility issue".
Including "Installation" option when purchasing a product means we'll install our extension and take care of customizing it to have it work as described under any special conditions created by your custom theme and other 3d party modules on your web store.
If you're not sure on whether or not you'll have any compatibility issues and would like to check how it works first, not a problem, in case of anything you'll be able to purchase Installation package afterwards.
What is your refund policy?
14-Day Money Back Guarantee on any product purchased with us! If having doubts on whether or not a certain extension is what you need, it's always better to contact us beforehand.
Customers cancelling their purchase with us for a second time within last 60 days are not applicable for a refund due to our policy. To apply for a refund, submit a Refund Form for us to process.
Do you give free price quotes?
Yes we do! Contact us for a quote regarding the services you’re interested in.
I bought the wrong extension, can I replace it with another one?
There's no straight answer to this question as it all depends on a couple condit...
Magento Product Labels extension. The label cannot be applied to the product, what’s the reason?
In case you use product Flat Data, such cases might happen. For successful applying the Product Label Rules, the Product Flat Data should be temporary disabled. This can be done via System -> Configurations -> Catalog heading -> Catalog -> Frontend, "Use Flat Catalog Product" option should be set to No. After this, product label rule can be applied, the above-mentioned option should be set back to Yes. The final step is reindexing, which can be done via System -> Index Management, for being 100% sure everything works fine, select all checkboxes and press Submit button at the top right table corner.
Nevertheless, it happens that Magento Product Labels extension doesn't work properly due to the conflict with the custom theme/third-party module. Please contact us in the Live Chat or by submitting a ticket so we can investigate your issue and get back with the solution.
Do you have extensions to improve customer experience while shopping?
Improving customer experience is always a smart thing to do. Your store needs to be as user-friendly and easy to navigate through as possible.
Happy customers are less likely to leave your store without making a purchase.
We have a couple of extensions that serve that purpose:

  • Featured Products Slider + Carousel - a widget, which can be added almost anywhere on your store and showcase your featured products in great looking sliders and/or sliding carousels.
  • Ajax Wishlist Panel - adds an attractive Tray on your website which allows your customers remember products they like while shopping without having to log in first. Once logged in, all the favorites will be synchronized with the ones in user account.
  • Color Picker for Configurable Products - extension works with Magento configurable products, allows to upload images or pick colors for options within a certain attribute and show them in engaging swatches on the user end. This allows your customers to see what colors, models, sizes you have available. When switching between the options the main product image will be changing.
  • Color Picker for Custom Options - very simple to use extension, which works with Magento custom options functionality, allows to upload images or pick colors for values within a certain custom option and show them in engaging swatches on the user end. Allows your customers to see what colors, models, sizes you have available.
  • Image Switcher for Custom Options - simple, smart and pretty unique extension designed to assign each custom option combination images, so that they are changing upon a certain option combination selection allowing your customers to see the exact kind of a product based on the options they hit on.
  • Image Constructor for Custom Options -  simple extension which works with custom options and allows you changing any part of the product image by uploading transparent .png images to custom options values. These images overlay the main product image appropriately to custom option value selection on the front end. 
  • SuperZoom for Magento - simple extension which allows showcasing your products in a great detail. Choose the appropriate type of lense to represent your products in the best way; engage more customers for shopping on your store with the PhotoSwipe Gallery.
  • Product Labels - extension which allows placing labels and stickers on top of product images on product lists and product detail pages in three different ways and has its own label collection. 
  • Custom Invoices Generator - an extension with which one can easily create invoices for the work or services to charge the clients. The clients can pay partially or all amount at once via PayPal. 



If you have any questions on any of these extensions, feel free to contact us.
How can I evaluate your products before purchasing?
Every product on our store has description, screenshots, user manual and video tutorial or demo website demonstrating how it functions.
Make sure to go through all the information available, as it answers a lot of questions you may have.
If you still have any doubts or concerns in the end, you can always contact us and we'll gladly answer your questions.
How long does it take you to develop a website ?
It depends on the size of the website and the amount of features and/or integrations it has. Basically, the more programming is needed, the longer it takes to build a website. We will discuss the project deadline with you after all the questions are covered.
Do you do any other work than the services you have listed?
As a matter of fact, we do. Beside the services listed on our website, we’ll consider any kind of work request within our technical expertise.